Top 10 ways to defeat dry skin

You know that scaly, itchy, dry sensation that means your skin will soon be molting like a garden snake. You can feel it from your lips to your feet and everywhere in between.

Although it happens most often in winter, when indoor air is heated and dry and you tend to use hotter water, it can happen any time. Whether your irritated skin is from sunburn and swimming, spring cleaning and detergents, or just plain aging, try these tips for relief.

  1. Be cool. Wash your skin with warm or cool water — never hot.
  2. Soak up some softness. Baths are actually less drying to your skin than showers — as long as you use warm water and don’t soak longer than 10 minutes.
  3. Take a break. Try to bathe every other day or even just a few times a week. This will reduce how often you strip the protective oils from your skin.
  4. Heat the air, not the water. Warm up your bathroom — with a space heater if necessary — so you’ll feel more comfortable bathing in cooler water.
  5. Choose a mild soap. Save the strong, antibacterial deodorant soaps for your underarms, feet, and genital area.
  6. Stop scrubbing. Don’t rub your skin too hard after bathing. In fact, patting or blotting with a soft towel is best.
  7. Moisturize. Pat on a lotion right after your bath or shower to lock in moisture.
  8. Avoid the elements. Don’t expose your skin to too much sun, wind, or cold.
  9. Go tropical. Avoid dry air if possible. Keep a humidifier running in your home or office.
  10. Balance your diet. Eat plenty of foods containing vitamins A and C to keep your skin smooth and supple. For vitamin A, choose dark green and orange fruits and vegetables, meat, and dairy products. To get extra vitamin C, eat citrus fruits, peppers, strawberries, and other fruits and vegetables.

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