5 all-natural herbal remedies for stubborn skin problems

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Herbs have been used since the beginning of time for healing, comfort, flavor, and every cosmetic purpose from war paint to makeup. Whether your goal is timeless beauty or timely first aid, an herbal remedy may be just what your dry or irritated skin needs.

Aloe vera
Aloe is perhaps the most well-known plant for healing skin irritations and wounds. You’ll find it growing in small flower pots in kitchens around the country since the gel taken from a freshly cut leaf is a super remedy for minor burns. Aloe is also a major ingredient in dozens of commercial skin products, from moisturizing lotions to after-sun soothers. 

This herb, also known as common marigold, has yellow or orange flowers that are a familiar sight in many gardens and flower beds. Not only will calendula brighten your home, you can use it to treat mild skin irritations. 

A cream or ointment is commonly made from the calendula flower heads and rubbed on your skin to heal rashes, inflammations, or minor wounds.

If you suffer from psoriasis, you’ll want to try capsaicin cream. Made from the potent ingredient in cayenne pepper, it may surprise you at first with its fiery sensation on your skin. Most people find the long-term benefits are worth any initial discomfort.

A member of the daisy family, chamomile is perhaps most widely used as a soothing herbal tea. But in Germany, chamomile cream was found to be almost as effective as hydrocortisone at healing dermatitis, skin ulcers, and other minor irritations.

Witch hazel
If your skin is itchy or inflamed, reach for a bottle of witch hazel. It has been used for years to soothe various skin problems, including dermatitis.  Unfortunately, the distilled witch hazel most commonly available in the United States contains such a small amount of volatile oil that it has almost no healing properties. When buying witch hazel, look for authentic or non-distilled hydroalcoholic extract of witch hazel leaves. It should contain from 5 to 10 percent leaf extract.


Age-Away Skin Cream