5 easy summer skin care tips

The same things we love about summer can be hard on our skin:  Bright sunshine and gentle breezes feel great, but they can accelerate damage that can last a lifetime. 

Get outdoors and enjoy the warm weather — just make sure you’re taking care of your skin, too!

1. Use Sunscreen Every Day
Every dermatologist recommends applying SPF 30 sunscreen (or higher) daily, even if you’re indoors most of the time.  Every exposed area of skin is vulnerable to damage from the sun’s rays, so make this a part of your regular routine.
2. Drink Plenty of Water
Your body suffers when you’re dehydrated, and that goes for your skin, too.  And if you do happen to get a sunburn, drinking water can help your skin recover.
3. Shorter, Cooler Showers
Long, hot showers can stress your skin. Keep showers short, and cooler than usual, to avoid inflammation and to keep skin from drying out.
4. Stay Cool in the Shade
Avoid direct sunlight, when possible, especially in the early afternoon.  Sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, an umbrella, and even long-sleeves can help you avoid the midday rays.   
5. Use a Great Moisturizer
Frank K. Wood’s Age-Away Skin Cream reduces wrinkles, dry skin, and age spots! It’s loaded with all-natural ingredients to exfoliate, moisturize, and refine your skin. Paired with sunscreen, it’s the perfect way to get that summer glow!